Chengdong street held two new organizations in charge of the work meeting

2019-12-26 230

On the morning of November 22, chengdong street in zhejiang Kaiven magnetic steel co., LTD. Party member activity room held two new party organization responsible person meeting, the street party work committee member Chen xinliang presided over the meeting, the organization department of the municipal party committee two new work committee ye yanfei secretary to the meeting guidance.Chengdong sub-district two new party committees under the jurisdiction of a general branch of the party, 12 new economic organizations party branches, 4 new social organizations party branches.

In the first stage of the meeting, the author reviewed and summarized the work of the establishment of two new party organizations in the streets in 2018, and handed over the problems found in the inspection of party construction by the organization department of the municipal party committee in the third quarter.And requires in the next more than a month time, each party organization should check against the establishment of standardized requirements to fill gaps, and according to the "red workshop", "red proposal" and other work requirements to implement.


In the second stage of the meeting, the leaders of the two new party organizations had an exchange and discussion on issues in the process of party building and enterprise development.

Next, on the basis of the comprehensive promotion of 19 rural (community) party organizations, chengdong street will focus on promoting the construction of two new party organizations, matching "leading enterprises" to drive the party construction of other small and micro enterprises, and creating a "one enterprise, one product" demonstration site.