About us

About Us

    Zhejiang kaiven Magnet Co., Ltd. is a professional production base. The company is a production, scientific research, sales of high-tech manufacturer specializing in the production of magnetic materials is a national high-tech enterprises, the Chinese electronic components hundred enterprises in Zhejiang Province high-tech enterprises, magnetic materials industry in the country ranked 7 out. It was founded in 1987, restructured in 1989 as a private enterprise, is the magnetic scalar unit members are countries (b) enterprise, characteristics of high-tech industry base in Zhejiang enterprises. Factory covers an area of 127,000 square meters, construction area of 41,000 square meters, with an annual output of 15,000 tons ferrite pre-burning 15,000 tons of permanent magnet material and ferrite magnets more than 3000 kinds of specifications about the production capacity of products, including motor vehicle magnets with high-grade annual production capacity of 3000 tons. More than 85% of products exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan and other places. With the Southwest Research Institute of the Joint Application of magnetism to build a "provincial-level high-tech magnetic materials research and development center," In recent years, the factory has successfully developed the advanced international level 7 of the project to fill the gaps, the leading domestic level in nine projects, by seven patented products. "kaiven" brand permanent magnet ferrite in 2005 as provincial famous brand products.
        The company has always adhered to the quality of survival, to manage and promote efficiency, technology pioneer markets, and to the credibility of the purpose of winning customers. In 1998 through ISO9001: 94 certificate version; in February 2002 to obtain ISO9001: 2000 version of the certificate-for-version; April through QS9000: 98 version of certification, and at the same time RAB to obtain mutual recognition of certificates and the United States; in March 2004 through the ISO14001 certification; October 2006 through the ISO/TS16949 certification. Enterprise system in accordance with the above calls for the establishment and use of APQP, PPAP, FMEA, QSA, SPC, MSA and other theoretical methods and 6S management requirements, aimed at continuous improvement and strengthening of prevention, to achieve customer satisfaction.


Brand Strategy

Kaiven  through "permanent magnetic material and products for the main leading product, become the national standard first-class technical level, industry as a user of first-class supplier" expectations and to "cultivate excellent yangjae, pay more tax" mission as the guidance and the direction of enterprise development, uphold the "people-oriented, good faith" the core values of assets in order to improve the operation and the market share as the center, in the real business, honesty person "as the company all staff work and enterprise management aim, wind, which is based on core product capital expansion strategy, permanent magnet ferrite as the main core business, increase investment in science and technology.



Social Responsibility

As one of the leading enterprises of permanent magnet ferrite, the company actively undertakes social responsibility while the enterprise keeps developing, develops social responsibility strategic planning, and determines the key public welfare support areas such as industry exchange and development, local issues activities and social welfare sponsorship, and makes annual implementation plans.The company issues the social responsibility report and quality integrity report every year. The company has passed the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification and OHASA 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.


Enterprise goal: people-oriented integrity as the first

Optimizing management of energy saving and consumption reduction

Continuous performance innovation customer satisfaction

Cultural concept: realistic, innovative, pioneering and dedicated

Realistic innovation, pioneering dedication, this is Kaiven's spirit of enterprise. The key to this spirit is based on the facts, forge ahead!Bring forth the old and seek breakthroughs constantly.Seeking truth is the foundation, while innovation is development.Such a spirit can make the enterprise in a virtuous circle, and successfully create a positive cultural atmosphere.

Management philosophy: cultural edification, concept penetration

The highest level of management lies in the influence of corporate culture on employees.The mutual infiltration of enterprise management and enterprise culture makes the enterprise and employees achieve a high degree of unity in their world views and values. The only thing the enterprise needs is the dedication and dedication of employees, which is Kaiven's consistent pursuit of management.

Manager philosophy: integrity management, mutual benefit and win-win

Honesty is the foundation of man and the foundation of enterprise management.Kaiven adhere to the integrity of business, sincere communication with partners, treat customers strictly abide by the quality first.With the vast number of partners to work together, integrity management, service consumers, to achieve the true sense of mutual benefit and win-win, is Kevin's unremitting goal.

Technical concept: innovation, one step ahead

It is an eternal truth that science and technology are the primary productive forces.The pursuit of constant innovation in technology is the root of Kaiven's prosperity and the driving force of his achievements.The market is changeable, the technology is changing with each passing day, standing in the forefront of science and technology, every step ahead, is the direction of Kaiven's constant efforts.